Sunday, June 30, 2013

VERY FIRST LETTER (June 19, 2013)

Hello Family (pamilya ;))
     I have so much to tell you! Today was absolutely insane. My brain is on overload...
     My companion is Sister T (yes, its "sister" in Tagolog). She's awesome. We're both left-handed and our middle names are both Rebecca. Its kind of weird. She's a lot like me and super nice. We're living in the Nye building in a room with four other girls all going to Olongapo, all newbies, and all leaving the M.T.C. at the same time (June 29th) .They're super cool and so nice :) And we all run so we're all planning on going running tomorrow.
     So far the M.T.C. feels like a mix of E.F.Y. and Girl's Camp. Its so fun. Guro po si Brother C. Try to translate that! :) We went to class and our teacher only spoke Tagolog to us. I caught on pretty fast. It was really cool.
     It's weird to be called Sister Hess. I keep thinking people are talking about mom. I'm not sure what else to say. Tomorrow will be crazy.
     I love ya! The church is true!
Sister Hess

Pamilya: Family
Guro po si: My Teacher is