Sunday, July 28, 2013

MTC Week 5 (July 20, 2013)

Kumusta mga Pamilya ko!
   How are you guys? Life here is just plain awesome. Wanna know why?! I got my travel plans!
   We're flying from Salt Lake to San Fran to TOKYO! :D We get to spend TWO hours in TOKYO! I'M SO EXCITED! I'm going back to Japan :) Seriously I'm overjoyed. I'm gonna go eat a bunch of jumbos and a bunch of their chocolate bars and yup. That's how it's gonna be.
   So on Tuesday, all the girls in my district played the funniest prank on my kasama. Sister W\ pulled her shirt halfway over her own head and had her super long hair hanging out of the bottom and it looked like she had a beard. She makes the funniest faces ever. So while my kasama was in the shower, she went and sat on her bed and got under the covers. She was sitting on Sister T's pillow and was hiding behind the closet door. We turned off all the lights and sat by the door at the desk with the desk light on. Sister T finally showed up and put her clothes away and then turned to her bed. She kind of looked at the head of her bed for a second and then Sister W chuckled and Sister T jumped back a foot and then screamed. It was the Funniest Thing I have seen in such a long time. Both Sister S and Sister W laughed so hard that they peed their pants. Oh man I'm still laughing about it and it was days ago.
   The other night we wanted to talk so Sister P, Sister S, Sister T, and I went out behind the MTC and talked and stargazed. It was awesome. We almost felt normal again for a second.
   We're learning so much. We've kind of started reviewing things since we only have 9 days left here. It's crazy to think that we've already been here for a month. It totally flew by.
   Every day we either have gym time where we go work out butt off or we go play piano. I'm kind of starting to wonder what the point would be for you to send me the music since by the time it gets here there's only gonna be a couple of days left... Why'd you have to take so long...? :/
   Oh, I'll be buying a calling card and I'm gonna call you guys in when we're at the Salt Lake airport so be sure to be home on the 29th in the morning. At like 9-ish. Our flight leaves around 11:15.
   And when is that debit card getting here? And! I'll be sending home stuff I don't want to take to the Philippines with me this next week, ok? So if you get a package from me, that's what it is.
    Our whole district gets to host the newbies this next wednesday and Sister P and Sister S and Sister T and I were chosen to be part of this teaching experience that they do ever wednesday night for the newbies. They put all the newbies in different rooms but in huge groups and they have an "investigator" in there (they're really just converts that have interesting stories) and then a companionship comes in and starts the discussion with the "investigators" and then the newbies take over. It's gonna be awesome. And all the companionships that are chosen are recommended by their teachers. So that means that our teachers like us a lot and think that we'd be good examples for the new missionaries. No pressure or anything. Oh and another thing. We get to do it in English... pero we've only ever taught in Tagalog so we don't know how to do it in English! hahaha we'll see what happens. It's gonna be so fun.
   Earlier this week some of the sisters and I got priesthood blessings from our elders. i'm so grateful that we're surrounded by the priesthood here. it's awesome. And that all these elders are worthy to hold it is pretty incredible too.
   I love you guys and I miss you and I hope everything's going good at home.
   Mahal kita!
-Sister Hess
p.s. I'll send you pictures of everything. Including our classroom, the drinking fountain in our building, and the bathroom.
 Kumusta mga Pamilya ko- hello my family
Kasama- companion
Mahal Kita- I love you

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