Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 19: I'm gonna pick up the pieces and build Lego house

WOOP WOOP! Good morning everyone! How are you all? Everything's good over here in the Philippines. 
In case you haven't heard from my loverly mother, I was transferred this week. I am now assigned in Lubao (Lew-bow) which is super far south. After being assigned in Masinloc for 5 months, it's a pretty big change but I like it a lot here. 

My new companion is Sister C and she's pretty awesome. We've only been companions for 5 days but we're already best friends and we're always joking and laughing and teasing each other. It's so fun. Another cool thing is that we only talk to each other in Tagalog. You might say I'm fluent now... But I don't know. I still teach imaginary investigators in my sleep in Tagalog hahaha Last night I taught the Book of Mormon intro, complete with follow-up questions haha

The people here in Lubao are very rich and also very smart. But they're also very very humble. It's pretty amazing. Not sure how that works but it does here. I love them so much. Our investigators are awesome. They are so excited every lesson to learn new things. My favorite investigator here is Brother R. He's 21 and recently graduated as an engineer. He's so stinking smart. We taught him lesson 2 the other day and he was so excited to find out that there wasn't just a Heaven and Hell. And at the end of the lesson, he told me "Oh, there's so much to learn!" He's so excited. It makes us excited to teach him. This really is a gospel of good news and it really does change lives. 

Thank you for all the love and prayers. I love you all so much.
Mahal na mahal ko kayo
until next week!
-Sister Hess

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