Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 23: Happy New year!

This week has been a lot of fun. Happy 2014 to all of you! Guess what?! I'm coming home this year! :D but in December.... Got a while but I'm sure it'll just fly by. 

This week I've learned a lot as usual and changed a lot too but that's what's supposed to happen on your mission diba? 

On Monday, we had a family home evening. Let's just say that it was super super fun. We gave a lesson on the atonement and then played a whole bunch of games. We played Booga-booga which is a secret game that you have to go through an initiation before you can play. Hess Family, don't worry. Sister Lowe and I have plans to make you all members :) That was super entertaining. 

Tuesday, we had a district meeting and only worked until 6 because we had a curfew. We went to San Pedro Palcarangan and taught Brother R. We taught about becoming truly converted. I shared the verse with him from Alma about faith being like a seed and taking care of it and making it grow. It was a good lesson and we all learned a lot from it. That's my favorite part of teaching. No matter how many times I've taught a lesson before I always come away from it with new knowledge and a stronger testimony about the subject. It's pretty excellent. We also taught Sister J which is always interesting because even though she's a recent convert she's so awesome that it seems like she's been a member for a really really long time. The reteaching is almost pointless for her haha. After those two appointments, it was time to go home. So we hurried home and changed super quick. Then we went over to the other sisters' apartment and started the party. We played a whole bunch of games (including Booga-booga) and painted our faces Polynesian style with lipstick. Pretty awesome. We played a game with flour that eventually turned into a flour war and we were all WHITE. Needless to say, it was a super fun new years eve and a great way to start off 2014. 

On Wednesday, we didn't have any appointments. Everyone was busy. So we went from members house to members house. It was another very good very fun day. Not much to share about Wednesday.

Thursday, we went back to work. We were in San Pedro again. And we got to teach at almost every single appointment that we had planned. That rarely ever happens. We taught Sister J again and Sister C (who is an investigator that doesn't know how to read even though she's in her 30's and has 2 kids, interesting) and Brother R and the M family (less-actives for a really long time) and the Re family too (less-actives as well). Pretty fun :) I love missionary work. 

Fridays are always interesting here in Lubao. We go out and work because we have faith :) And so we went to San Roque first and taught Brother Ro. He told us that he's going to go work in Manila so we won't be able to teach him again for a while. So sad. And then we went from appointment to appointment and no one was home. We went to go teach one less-active and met his son, Ru who is 18 years old and isn't a member yet. The last missionaries actually taught him but he hadn't been taught for a while because he was always busy. So we taught him the first lesson again. He's great and super smart. The only problem is that he never has any time. We'll see what happens with him. 

Saturday was interesting because all of our appointments were either not at home or sick. So we went and taught the less-actives. 

Sunday was great. Because of all of our hard work with the less-actives, we had 13 less-actives come to church. YEEEE!

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