Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 20: I'm dreaming of a white christmas.... *Not gonna happen over here*

Hello family and friends! Merry Christmas! Technically I could have been saying that since September... But oh well :)

How are you all? 

Everything's good over here in Lubao. We've been working hard and sharing the gospel every day just like we're supposed to :)

This week we've spent most of our time at the B. family house. They are new investigators and they're a family. Sister E.B. is 54 years old and her husband R.B. is 57. They're so sweet. They've been married for about 30 years and they're just such a cute little couple. They have 3 daughters. Their two oldest are married and each have a kid. Their youngest daughter, C.B., is 19 years old and lives at home with them. We've taught Brother R.B. 4 times this last week and Sister E.B. too. Sister C.B. we've taught twice and one time we taught Sister B, the second oldest. They are such a great family and they are so willing to receive the gospel into their lives. And they always feed us snacks haha

We've also taught Brother R this week too. It's so fun to teach him because he's so smart and always asks questions. He also always comes to church (probably helps that his girlfriend's a member haha)

This Saturday we had the branch Christmas party. That was super fun. We played "A trip to Jerusalem" which is musical chairs in English. And I won! Guess what my prize was.... Whitening lotion! bahahaha like I really need that :) Super funny. 

Yesterday we had church, of course, and that was good. We had gobs of less actives come to church and it was fun to see them again in church, wearing church clothes. 

Also, yesterday night, we got to watch the Christmas Devotional. It was so good and of course, it made me miss Christmas at home so much. There was snow! Man, weirdly enough, I miss being cold. 

The member that has worked with us the most this past week has been Brother K. He's a recent convert and he's super funny. He looks like Bruno Mars... No joke. So I call him Brother Bruno now and he went out and tried to find the celebrity that I look like and he decided on Kirsten Dunst. So he calls me Sister Dunst every once in a while now hahaha Man we all have such good times. I love missionary work. 

So yup. This week has been really good and successful. We're still working hard and trying our best to be obedient. I love this Gospel. I know that it saves souls and I'm so grateful for the chance to serve the people here. 

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts in my behalf. I love you all!
Mahal ko kayo
Until next week
-Sister Hess

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