Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 25: Well that was unexpected...

This week has been a good one but there were some unexpected things that happened. 

Monday we were still companions with Sister P because there weren't any transfers yet. We went and taught one of our investigators that is house-sitting for a family that is in California right now. That house is HUGE! The funny thing is that it would be normal sized if I was home right now. Wow, I am not excited for the culture shock when I get home.That was an interesting lesson because Brother C, the investigator that is 60 years old, has a whoooooole bunch of questions that could be easily answered if he would just use his brain. My favorite question that he asked was, "Which is more powerful these days, money or God?" What?! How is that even a question? Whatever. Anyways, his problem is that he's not willing to read the Book of Mormon and pray and search for the answers himself. He'd rather rely on us, the missionaries. So sad. 

After Brother C, we went and taught Brother E who is another old man and investigator but he's a lot more fun to teach. He actually asks questions that proves he's interested and wants to learn. And he always prays and reads his scriptures and is trying to stop his cigarette addiction. His main problem is that he never has time to go to church... But hopefully that will change soon

Tuesday was a good one too. We were still a threesome which I liked a whole lot. It was so fun. Sister J (our recent convert who is so completely golden it's not even funny) is back from the hospital. Her older sister had an accident and J was watching over her for the last little bit. Her older sister is now out of the hospital but she still doesn't know how to speak and she's lost most of her memories too. Please pray for her. 
And then we taught Brother R and that was a good one. Normal-lang. He's still awesome and humble and yup. Nothing new.

We taught some more lessons and they were all good too (sorry, running out of time, gotta focus on the important things). Later that night we finally got the text of what was happening for transfers. We all thought that Sister C was going to be transferred because she's been here for so long. But nope. We're still here and so is Sister P. The change is that Sister Je was coming here. My best friend from Masinloc! I might have started squealing and dancing around our Branch President's house haha

Wedneday was weird because we were the only ones that didn't get to go to Olongapo and pick up the new missionaries coming to our areas. But we went out and worked anyways. Everyone got here safely and then we found out that Sister C and I are the only ones that get to live in our apartment. Sister P is now in a threesome with Sister L and Sister Je which is super funny because the two white girls are fairly tall and Sister P is tiny. And then came the not so fun part. Every night before we go to bed we go over to the other sisters' apartment and we talk and chat and all that good stuff. The problem is that someone always brings up ghosts. What the heck. Don't talk about ghosts right before I'm about to go back to our dark, empty apartment where only two of us live there.... that is not nice at all. And it happens every night! Whatever. 
Thursday was good too. Nothing big happened. Just taught the lovely people over in San Pedro again. 
Friday was good. Sorry. Not many details because not much happened again.
Saturday was interesting though. We went and taught Brother R and he told us that he finally found work. But! It's in Manila and that means that he has to move there. And to top it all off, he might not be here for his baptism on the 25th. Not sure about Sister C but when he told us that, I started praying like no other... There had to be a way for him to be baptized before he left for good. After our lesson for him we all went to the church for the Area Broadcast where the area presidency presented our area goals. It was a good broadcast.

Sunday: Went to church, Brother R got interviewed for the second time and he passed (woohoo!) and then the branch president pulled us all into his office. He had heard that Brother R was leaving and he said that if he wanted to, Brother R could be baptized that very day right after church. And so that's what happened. He was baptized and we were all super happy! And his testimony afterwards was great. He has so much conviction and someday, he's gonna be a great leader in the church. I'm so grateful that I got to be a part of his conversion and I'm a part of this great work.  I know that God knows what needs to happen for all of his children in order for them to receive the gospel in their lives. 

Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. I love you all.

Mahal ko kayo
Until next week,
-Sister Hess

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