Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 24: Good golly it's cold here.... Oh wait... it's only 70 degrees... SO WHY AM I FREEZING?

Well this week has been interesting. Just a heads up.... If you're assigned to be housemates with a missionary who is going home... You're going to get trunky and homesick. Just so you know. That was my big discovery this week. 

So yeah, it was fun at the same time. Sister B is going home on Wednesday and let me tell you, I'm gonna miss her so much. And trunkiness is a very bad thing for a missionary. 

So Monday of this week was fun. Normal p-day. Got up, did laundry (the usual way, by hand. I won't need a washing machine when I get home. Just get me two big buckets and a washing board)  ate breakfast, went and emailed everyone (Hi again!), found out that both of my flashdrives have viruses on them (note to the people preparing for a mission: if you take flashdrives make sure they have an anti-virus installed in them) and then went to the grocery store (we now have a legit grocery store here in Lubao that opened about a week or two ago). Nothing super exciting happened. We went and taught Brother R again and then went home and ate dinner. Normal lang. Oh and update on Brother R, he's fine. Still preparing for his baptism on January 25th and still taking the discussions. 

Tuesday we had a district meeting and that was fun. Our zone is awesome. All the elders are crazy. Yup, the usual :)

After the meeting We had exchanges again. Surprise! So I got to be companions with Sister P :) She's very very quiet but I learned that day that actually she's not. Brother M worked with us (he's 17, turning 18 this month and waiting for his mission call. I keep threatening him that he's gonna be called to America and then he's gonna have to learn to speak English hehe). It was actually a super fun day. We went to their area and got to teach a bunch of lessons. Two of them were to two investigators that were going to be baptized on Saturday (don't worry. it was successful and they were baptized). I seriously love the Filippino people so much. They're so sweet and caring. And it's so easy for me to be myself around them. I'm so grateful that I was called here on my mission. It's the perfect place for me.

Anyways, not sure why but I was in a really weird mood and was cracking jokes the whole time. That's probably why it was so fun. Because I was so happy :) It's so true that your attitude can affect the whole day and you get to choose what kind of attitude you want to have.

Wednesday was good too. We taught a  lesson to Sister Ba. She's not really interested in the discussions because she's always busy but she's always willing to chat with us and feed us food. She's a preschool teacher but she's 54 years old and she feels like she's too old to be doing her job anymore. Needless to say, she was feeling kind of depressed and so we decided to cheer her up and share a short message with her. She said afterwards that she felt a lot better and she actually started crying a bit. I love being a missionary. We really can help people and change their lives. This was the day that we started our work in San Roque (which is the farthest part of our area) and then walked through Dela Paz and then kept walking until we got to San Pedro Palcarangan. My shoes got a little more worn down. 

Thursday, we went and taught the usual loverly people out in San Pedro Palcarangan again. They're all still doing good. We have started teaching the 9 year old cousin of one of our recent converts. It's so fun to teach her because she's smart but at the same time it's so different because we have to dumb down the lessons and be overly enthusiastic all the time. I am usually exhausted after those lessons. Anyways, her name is I and she's very sweet. Her little sister who is 4 or 5 is named D and she's a funny little girl. She's very very talkative and little Filippino kids are the cutest because they say the funniest things. The other day she made Sister C feel her arm muscles and said that she was "Astig" or cool in English because she has muscles. Why does she have muscles? How nice of you to ask. "Because she eats a lot of rice." hahaha trust me, it's funnier in Tagalog and when you understand :) 

We also showed the Testaments to Brother R. It was a really good lesson. No matter how cheesy that movie is, I still love watching it because the Spirit is so strong and it always reminds me how much my Heavenly Father loves me and all of us. Also reminded all of us that we need to prepare now because we never know when the second coming of Jesus Christ will be, but trust me, it's coming. Also reminded us that we need to make our faith as strong as it can be.
Saturday, we had a baptism. Sister B's last baptism. Sister J and Sister R were baptized and they were so happy. It was a great day. And after that we had Sister B's farewell party. We played a lot of games and had some fun and tried to ignore that fact that she's leaving. 

Sunday, church again. We went to church, of course, and then we had a meeting afterwards with Brother L, the branch mission leader. After that we went home and got ready to work. Brother K worked with us and that was fun. We taught Sister I again and Brother R again and then we had to go home because President Q was coming to pick up Sister B. He came and got her and she hugged us all one last time. I'm not gonna lie, I started crying. You know how I used to be so unemotional and hard as a rock? Yeah. that #1 is gone.... I'm a mushy marshmellow now :P But yeah, so she left and then all three of us, me, Sister C, and Sister P went back out to teach one more lesson. We all hopped on Brother K's tricycle and headed back out. I was wearing a sweater because it was so flippin cold. We went and taught the M family who are partially less-active and had a good time to distract us from the fact that Sister B is gone. And then we came back home and planned and ate dinner and then got ready for bed. And that was this week. Hope you enjoy all the details, Mom and the pictures too. 

Thank you for all the love and support that you give me. 
I love you all. Until next week,
-Sister Hess

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