Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 2! (Aug. 12, 2013)

   Sorry this is coming so late but it's kind of been flooding over here. We were told to stay home so we kind of got a day off... but not really. 

   Since we stayed inside I wore a t-shirt and jeans that whoooole day. It felt so good :)

   This might be really short but I'll try to make it as full of stuff as I can.

   First of all, the language is coming along pretty well. It's still really hard pero because I'm immersed in it I've learned more in the last week than I did my whole stay in the MTC. My kasama is really helping me too. She's pushing me and that's really what I need right now. We trade off in taking turns talking in the lessons. Most of what teach is in Taglish but that's ok because my kasama has my back. She takes good care of me and is always pushing me to talk to EVERYONE. Everyone stares at me. I'm so white! They think I'm beautiful. They will randomly come up to me and tell me that and they always want to touch my hair. The boys here are the funniest though. They will stop what their doing and just stare with their mouths open. Sobrang funny.

   Sister C says that if she had my beauty she would have thousands of investigators.

   It's been a bit frustrating this week because a couple of our investigators have decided to stop listening. I hate Satan. He always finds a way to bug us... Pero I know that Heavenly Father is in charge and he will make sure that everyone gets a chance to hear his gospel.

   Ummm what else. The food here is still good. It's raining a ton. I miss you all so much. I hope you have a great week!

   I'll talk to you again on Monday if the rain permits :P

   Mahal kita! The church is true, just so you know ;)
-Sister Hess

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