Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 7 already?! Ano bayan...? (Sept. 16, 2013)

Magandang umaga po! 

   Sister Hess here ulit ulit :)

   This week has been very eventful just like it is every week. So on Monday, we moved into our new gorgeous apartment. If you want to see pictures, ask my mommy :) It's probably the most amazing and nice apartment in the whole mission. We are definitely going to enjoy the next six weeks the best we can in case we get transferred. We are most definitely spoiled here. We're living right next door to Elder and Sister D, the senior couple here and they are so sweet. Sister D even offers to do our laundry since she has a washer and a dryer. Man, we are a bunch of spoiled kids over here :)

   So we also had transfers over here. And some big changes were made. There are now 6, count 'em, 6. As in S-I-X missionaries here in Masinloc. There's us four sisters and now we have two elders too :) They moved into our old apartment. The work is progressing and no one can stop us. The elders are Elder To and Elder S. Elder S is from New Zealand and has the coolest accent EVER. He and I are pretty good friends :)

   Because there are now six of us we had to split Masinloc again. So Sister Je and Sister Ja moved more north and our area is in the middle. The only part of our old area that we got to keep is Santa Rita, which is very sad because that means out of the 6 investigators with baptismal dates that we had, we now only have 1... But that's ok.

   The elders get to take over every muddy place down south. Sad for them but happy for us :)

   Oh and because we got a new area and because we are being obedient and working diligently, blessings will follow :) So for the past couple of weeks we haven't had any investigators come to church. But yesterday, we had 5 investigators attend church. Man oh man we were so happy :) Blessings will follow if we are obedient. 
The language is still coming, slowly but surely, And the food is still really really good. I haven't had to eat anything really weird yet.

   No problems over here. The church is still true and I still love being a missionary.

   Thank you for all your prayers and support.

   I love you all. Mahal ko kayo
-Sister Hess

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